Kodular Admob Ads Not Showing - Problem Solved

10 Feb 2019, 12:34 AM

I have seen many topic on kudular about admob ads like
  • Admob ads are not working, 
  • Ads not showing
  • Please help me to show admob interstial ad
  • What is right way to show admob ads?
  • Admob Ads not getting displayed (even test ads) and many more endless topics.
So today i am sharing a new way to show Admob ads on your Android application made in App Inventor Platform like Kodular, Thunkable or Appybuilder. Follow the steps given below : 

For proof, that banner ads are working check the screenshot below

If Kodular's Ads are not working for you then try the method given below, this is a fully working tested file, i created 2 admob ad unit id for banner & Interstitial ads at 9-2-19 from my admob panel.  Download the test file from the link below.

Steps - 

  1. Open Enhance website and register at - https://enhance.co/
  2. Once you login, Open this link - https://enhance.co/enhance
  3. Now select the type of ads you want to show, here i have selected banner and interstitial ads. 
  4. After Ads Type, Select App Inventor from the Drag and Drop Library Option
  5. Now Download the library file. You will get the AIX file from the downloaded zip file. Implement Enhance extension in your application to show ads. 
  6. After implementing the enhance extension blocks, export the APK file and Upload in the enhance website. 
  7. Now select Admob Mediation and place your Banner and Interstitial Ad Unit Id in the particular given fields like the image given below
  8. Select banner ads position from Global Settings Option and Press the continue button
  9. Now select - Upload my certificate and allow Enhance to sign on my behalf from the radio option list. Upload the Keystore file from kodular (File -> Export Keystore).
  10. Put android in Keystore/certificate Password field.
  11. Change App Version name and code according to your needs and press the Enhance Now Button
  12. After the enhance process complete, it will provide a download link for your enhanced application. Download and Use it normally as you want. 

Click on the Button Below to Download Test AIA File

Download AIA

Also Read Full News From Kodular CTO (Diego) about Admob Ads, working or not?

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